AWB Protection Products

Now is the time to consider AWB protection products that will suit your farm businesses needs for the coming season.

Frost Insurance

AWB’s Frost, Fire and Hail Insurance cover is a one of a kind in Australia. Designed to adapt to your business needs, it gives you control of your production risks like no other insurance policy can.

Protect with AWB Frost Insurance
Crop Insurance

Extreme weather events are difficult to control, but production risk can be offset with our broadacre crop insurance product for fire, hail, frost and crop establishment failure.

Protect with AWB Crop Insurance
Season Starter Insurance

A great tool to manage your price risk by marketing your grain over a 12 month period.

Protect with AWB Season Starter
Production Advance Insurance

Manage your cashflow risk by getting early access to the value of your crop.

Protect with AWB Production Advance
Basis Plus Insurance

An all-in-one pricing contract that puts you in control by providing you with the flexibility to fix futures and basis independently, in any order and in increments, enabling you to build your own contract price.

Protect with AWB Basis PLUS
Swap Plus Insurance

Our new tool to hedge your grain by fixing a futures price while retaining the freedom to choose your ultimate market for your grain.

Protect with AWB Swap PLUS